If you asked me everyday to do something and I never did it, would you still love me? If I hurt you all the time and betrayed you constantly, would you still love me? If i promised to be better and then acted the same way the next day, would you still love me? If I beat you and cursed you and disrespected your very existence, would you still love me? If i went days without ever saying a word to you, even though you were always there, would you still love me? If I made time for others and not you, would you still love me? If I spent my entire life hating you and on my death bed asked for your forgiveness, would you still love me, even when I hated you? Would you love me if I killed you?

I have done all these things. As high as mountain tops my sin abounds. As deep as oceans my folly consumes me. As black as night my heart conspires with wickedness. I am the epitome of evil.

All these things, all these sins, all this pain, all this evil, He still loves me. No matter what I could possible do, He still loves me. I run towards the love. This love is so powerful that i flee from my past as fast I can.  For no matter what you have done, He still loves you. He still loves me. His love will change you, His love will guide you, and His love will sustain you. Run towards unfailing love and your past will only speed your journey. Run little children run, and don’t look back.