Learning something New



At first I hated it

I wanted nothing more than to flee from it

It took something I once loved and destroyed it

Walls built strong that were toppled and crumbled

The enemy stood at the ready with torches

Pointing the flame at my city

I believed that all was lost

But the more I looked at this enemy

I saw the good in it. How it could bring me life

I began to understand it and desire it more and more.

It started to give me life.

The enemy quenched its torches

and picked up the hammer and nail.

What I once hated is now building me up

My walls are growing higher

My city is stronger than ever.

My family is safe again.


My Dreams


My dream is to one day travel the world, helping out as many people as i can in the process. Every Step will be recorded and remembered. Each story will be a puzzle piece and one day one of you might see the whole picture, maybe the eyes of the earth will see. Insight and wisdom can be found throughout my stories if you pay enough attention. Galileo Galilei said it himself “I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him.” I hope that everyone will learn from my writings. This is my story!