Gold in the Fire


There once was a woman whose strength could not be measured. Not of physical means, but of her heart and will. Day in and day out she set an example to everyone on the subject of carrying on. No matter how much pain she had to deal with, she never slowed, stopped, or even winced. However loss separation is difficult for even the strongest of will.  She kept it all to herself. It ate at her, prevented sound sleep, and it stole her happiness. Her shell was laced with a poison that drained her slowly. Eventually the pain was to much and she had no one to lean on. She was lost entirely.

There once was a man raised in debauchery and smoke. His body was filled with toxins. His mind was flooded with deceit. He searched and longed for love but he never found it. With eyes wide open, he learned all that was taught to him. He learned to ignore his problems and numb the pain. He learned to not trust anyone. Pain and loneliness was all he knew. He was lost entirely.

There once was a couple who finally understood what it all meant. They giggled and laughed like they never had before. They took interest to the passions of the other. They cared more about their partner than themselves. They spent every day in reverence to  God for the moments they shared. Their past made them strong, their present was happiness, their future was a family. They had finally found their way.


One thought on “Gold in the Fire

  1. Wanted to drop by and thank you for following The Vision of Poets. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. I’ve been browsing around your site and have found it to be quite inspiring. Thanks for introducing me to it.

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