Eyes that stare intently 

Wanting only to represent me

To learn from me and to love me

Arms that only want to hug me


She copies my every action

My attention is her satisfaction

She loves how I sing her to sleep

And feed her the best pancakes one can eat


At this moment, she is not real

Not yet, for time is standing still

In several years, in a perfect world

I can finally see my little girl.


So right now while we are waiting

and while God is creating

I will just think of you and smile

waiting on my perfect child.




I stare down a passage way

and view the dark side of the moon


I see the helpless who lost her faith in prayer

The one who inhales more smoke than air


I can not look at her, for to much sorrow

I don’t know if she will see tomorrow


I stare down a passageway 

Hoping she finds her peace soon.