Once there was a man in chains

His condition was very strange

He had no sight at all

but great vision he had obtained 

“I can not see to pluck my strings

or to gaze at all the finer things

but I can hear the beautiful song

and remember how my woman sings”

“All my sight has gone away

Complete darkness each and every day

 However My vision is as strong as ever

each and every time I play.”

“Play now for those in your midst”

“Certainly” he said, “if you insist”

A great presence fell over the room

Suddenly the chains broke from his wrists.

How can this be, we are amazed

The crowd looked on in disarray 

The man was released from his binds

Whenever he began to play

Sometime in life you don’t have to see

To live life to its entirety  

Be kind to all and do what you love

and surely God will set you free. 


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